Celebrating 100 Posts of Crap!

Well, look at that. Today marks SB’s 100th post. I suppose I should celebrate or something.


Woo hoo!
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In addition to breaking the 100-post mark today, SB also commented on its 2,000th topic. I’ve written about spammers, adoption, weight loss, Paraguay … the list goes on. Someone told me it’s hard to keep a general blog like this fresh. I suppose that’s true. Then again, I’ll never run out of topics.

But tonight, screw it. I’m tired. I’m cranky. My allergies are acting up. My head feels like a white dwarf and I took the last of the ibuprofen last night. I guess this is a good a time as any to write one of those cheesy retrospective posts. It’s either that or a post about flashing truckers, as a friend suggested.


But that wouldn’t end well.
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The stats are more or less the same as they were last time I wrote about them. My top search term (and it’s not even close) remains “gr8tits2play.” Number two? Geoffrey Chaucer of all things. I don’t think I’ve written about him since February.

Although SB has been read in over 100 countries, over 90 percent of the hits come from four places: the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. No surprise there. I’m still waiting on my first hit from Kazakhstan though.


You need to get with the program out there.

I haven’t heard from either Myrtle or Moose Factory Boy™ recently. I don’t expect to. Taxil and the White Noise is still in production, i.e. I haven’t done jack shit with it. With one lousy hit as of this writing, “The Clouds Prepare for Battle” is SB’s least popular post. This dung heap should be right down there with it, but because I mentioned “gr8tits2play” it won’t be.


Yeah, I said it again.
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Finally, my favorite post among the first 100 is probably “Repulsed by Radio,” written back in April. Check it out, but if you get Biz Markie stuck in your heard, know it ain’t my fault.

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