Electing for Obscurity

It was election day in Boise today. Seriously. Three Greater Boise Auditorium District board seats were up for grabs. As you can imagine, it was a heated campaign.


You practically had to fight your way to the polls.
Image credit: momboleum

Yes, I’m an election junkie. Although I don’t campaign like I used to, I still follow electoral politics closely. It’s always nice to see if the candidates I voted for won, which doesn’t happen much here in Idaho.

As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this I’m monitoring results of the GBAD election. I’m not entirely sure why. Ada County is notoriously slow when it comes to announcing election results.


But I can now say with certainty McCain carried the county in 2008.

Needless to say, I don’t miss elections very much. Although I figure at best 10 percent of Boise voted today, I was among them. I don’t think I’ve missed a single election since I moved back to Idaho in 2005.

I’ve even been a candidate myself. In 2002 I ran as the Green Party candidate for U.S. House in the Nevada 1st Congressional District, which was a miserable experience. In 2010 I looked at running for governor of Idaho, even going so far as to set up a campaign committee. Alas, divorce, sickness and overall lack of enthusiasm across the board ended that run before it began. I doubt I’ll ever run for public office again.


I’d get the Eagleton treatment in a heartbeat.

Nevertheless, I’ll be clicking refresh a lot tonight.

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