Friday Crap Roundup XV

Friday night and I feel like total ass. But hey, I got some much-needed housework done. Now it’s time to enjoy a cold one and write the Friday Crap Roundup.


No Trotsky Treats today. I’m watching my girlish proletariat figure.

Jebus Built My Luxury Jet

Although this should come to the surprise of absolutely no one, the mind-bogglingly kitschy televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch recently came under fire for allegedly blowing millions on mansions, private jets, doggie RVs and other luxury items not mentioned in the Sermon on the Mount. Then it hit me ….


Uncle Miltie? Is that you?
Image Credits: Matt Of All Trades and Jewish Currents

And to think people actually throw money at these tools. At least Milton Berle was earning his cheap laughs honestly.

Speaking of Civilization’s Decline …

Apparently Paris Hilton is set to record an album of house music. If this catches on, expect Thorazine to replace MDMA as the raver drug of choice. Although he made the following observations about Hilton several years ago, Alex Lifeson’s words still ring true as ever.

Don’t forget to check out his inspiring RRHOF induction speech!

Track of the Week

This is almost a quarter century old? Really?

Still beats the ever-loving crap out of Nicki Minaj, or whatever.

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