My Soundtrack, Part 286 of 645,291

It’s a holiday weekend, and frankly I’m more interested in going to WebMD to find out why the pain in my right side came back than in posting crap here. The pain very similar to what I had after I fell in February, but I haven’t fallen recently.


It’ll probably tell me I have scurvy-related SARS or something. I know. But it would be nice to sleep.
Image credit: Kevin Trotman

So tonight I’m re-posting one of those “soundtrack of my life” lists as inspired by a bipolar message board I’m on. More after the break, y’all.

Unlike many bipolar people, I choose not to focus on the “sad” part of the condition any more than absolutely necessary. Accordingly I’m not really into the mopey, emo stuff that seems to be so popular among us (I’m looking at you, Evanescence). Instead, I have very eclectic tastes and I prefer to shy away from “popular” tracks. If you follow the FCR, you already know that.

In any event, here’s what came to mind tonight. Some of these links are NSFW. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Force Ten” – Rush
The Chicken Cow” – Wesley Willis
Exit” – U2
You Can’t Kill Me” – Mojo Nixon
Jesus Built My Hotrod” – Ministry
The Happening” – Pixies
Can God Fill Teeth?” – Lard
Art of Conflict” – VNV Nation
Memories Can’t Wait” – Living Colour (yes, I know Talking Heads recorded it first)
Fine Day Coming” – Swell
Out/Definition” – The Mad Capsule Markets
Natural Science” – Rush
They Threw Me Out of Church” – Wesley Willis
Scratch” – Morphine
My Old Flame” – Spike Jones
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs” – Minutemen
I’m a Potato” – Devo
Auctioneer (Another Engine)” – R.E.M.
Closer” – Richard Cheese (the original Nine Inch Nails is good too)
Marathon” – Rush
Last Song About Satan” – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club

Rock over Boise. Rock on 2T. Polaroid, see what develops.

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