Friday Crap Roundup XVII

Wow, there’s not much to go on for today’s FCR. Although most of my week has been monopolized by an eight-year-old, my Facebook feed usually provides more than enough weirdness for me. Not this week. It’s almost as if everyone was as lethargic as my daughter and I were out at Camel’s Back Park this afternoon. Idahoans generally don’t do well in hot, humid conditions.


This ain’t exactly Cherrapunji, you know.
Image credit: Greg Harness

Oh Say Can You Pee?

Pocatello, Idaho, where I went to school between 1991 and 1996, narrowly avoided becoming the laughingstock of the known universe earlier this week by voting down a proposal which would have given “concerned citizens” the right to check identification to ensure people (read: transgendered folks) weren’t using the “wrong” public bathrooms within city limits.


Idaho being infamous for restroom misuse and all ….

Instead, the Pocatello City Council passed a much more sensible ordinance protecting the city’s LGBT community from discrimination. Good move. Next project: find an official nickname less lame than “U.S. Smile Capital.” That couldn’t possibly be too difficult, could it?

Track of the Week

My daughter and I watched UHF this week. Not only was she not familiar with any of the parodies, she hadn’t heard of “Weird Al” Yankovic to begin with. If you know me at all, shocking doesn’t begin to cover it.

Obviously, this totally lost her.

Nevertheless, she thoroughly enjoyed the movie. There is hope.

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