Sleep: Why Bother?

A couple months ago I attempted to reset myself by staying up all night and throughout the next day. It didn’t help much, but at least then I did it on purpose.

Today’s “reset” was totally inadvertent. I tried to get some sleep earlier, but weird dreams are all I have to show for it.


As usual I don’t remember details, but they involved wearing remnants of Georgia State Route 40.
Image credit: Bill Futreal

When I get involved in something, I completely immerse myself in it. After I finished yesterday’s blog I played two complete games of Civilization IV and finished up a season of NCAA Football 06 on my old Xbox. By the time I was done it was 2:30 … p.m. Damn. My undefeated Idaho State Bengals somehow finished the regular season ranked behind Virginia, despite the fact I beat said Cavaliers 73-2 in the season opener.


It should have been a shutout, but I FUBARed an end zone interception return.
Image credit: terren in Virginia

By 6 p.m. I was down for the count. You may know the feeling. You’re too tired to do anything, but you’re too awake to sleep. Despite my increasingly skeptical discussions with her, Σ is obsessed with the paranormal in general and zombies in particular. I suppose how I felt earlier today is as close to being a zombie as I’ll ever admit to.

Meh. There was no sleeping this evening anyway. Until today’s blog was done, I couldn’t let myself go. Even if I did, strange dreams and stranger cats wouldn’t let me.


Sneferu is even more cracked out than usual today. That’s a bold statement.

It’s days like these that make me wish the human body could go without sleep. Hopefully I’ll hang around long enough to see the singularity, so I can have myself uploaded to the cloud. No need for sleep there!

Oh yeah, for the record I’ve never been anywhere near southeastern Georgia in my life. As in most of my dreams, the reference is completely arbitrary.

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