Messing With Spammers, Part Deux

Y’all have one track minds. Nearly four months later, “Messing With Spammers” is still SB’s most-read post, and “gr8tits2play” is still its top search term. In the case of the latter, second place isn’t even close. This in spite of my ongoing efforts to provide high quality content, or something.


“Strom Thurmond takes a dump” remains my favorite search term to date.

Well, fine. I know how to take a hint.

As I wrote back in March, “gr8tits2play” is a dating site scam which occasionally crops up at Craigslist, DateHookup and similar sites. You’d think whoever is doing this would get the hint, given that nearly all Google searches for the term come back here. That’s been the case for months now. Then again, online scammers aren’t exactly known for their intellectual prowess.

Nevertheless, I took it to the next level. I’m proud to announce as of earlier today Tenstar Media LLC, the parent company of Superfluous Bloviations, is the proud owner of the major web domains for gr8tits2play. That’s right, now if you type in you’ll get to meet “her” on a completely work safe site!


“She’s” a titmouse. Get it?

The site is actually at due to a hosting SNAFU with Go Daddy, but .com, .org, .net and .info all get you there. Hey, if people are going to keep searching for it I might as well milk it for all it’s worth.

By the way, all four domains are for sale. Yes, even to the original “gr8tits2play” perpetrator for his/her nefarious purposes. My asking price for the lot is US $25,000. Serious inquiries only, please. 😉

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