In Search of a Larger Stream

I spent today doing something resembling real work. Shocking, isn’t it?

Over the past 24 hours SB and my other sites have earned a grand total of … 13 cents. Since I don’t live in Bangladesh, I need to improve upon that number.


Contrary to popular belief, Idaho isn’t that cheap.
Image credit: Jimmy Emerson

Unfortunately, I’ve run into some problems ….

This sordid tale goes back nearly five years. Back then, immediately after I separated, I was even more hard up for cash than I am now. Unfortunately back then due to a really stupid misunderstanding on my part the single largest ad network out there, Google AdWords, permanently blocked me. Multiple appeals have proven futile.

Meanwhile, when I try to explain what I do to people, confusion is bound to ensue. “How much daily traffic do I get?” I’m asked.

“Around 50,” I reply.

“50,000 hits?”

“No … 50.” Le sigh.

I’m trying to limp by the best I can, but I’m finding it difficult to find ad networks which suit my needs. While Chitika has been marginally adequate so far, everyone else seems to be inundated with cheesy ads for get-rich-quick schemes, disdainful of my traffic stats, or afraid of sites such as this which use the occasional bad word. Well, the whole idea is to INCREASE my web stats (and my income) without compromising my established editorial standards.


In other words, fuck ’em.
Image credit: Gerd Altmann

That all said I’m nowhere near as potty-mouthed as Cracked, and they clearly don’t lack advertisers or revenue streams. I’m missing something here; I know it. But what?

So I’ve spent the day visiting site after site full of vapid, empty marketing buzzwords and little else trying to find that “sweet spot.” While I’m admittedly annoyed, I’m not despondent. At least not yet. I’m not looking for magic here. I’m looking for practicality. This blog follows the teachings of Jeremy Bentham.

I’m well aware it takes money to make money. However, my resources are terribly limited at the moment. Hell, at this point if I could get my hit count up to 100 per day I’d call it good.


A Perez Hilton you do not have.
Image credit: Keith HInkle

Not 100,000 (although that would be nice), 100. I assure all you ad account agent types out there I’d have more money to spend if I had, you know, more money.

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