Friday Crap Roundup XX

It’s Friday evening, and the Command Center A/C unit has been fighting a losing battle against the elements all day.


Or 99 degrees outside as of this writing. Yup. It’s a hot one.

Right, so I’d better finish this FCR before it gets even more uncomfortable.

Reason #624 Why I’m Not a Journalist

I don’t watch Fox News. I don’t watch MSNBC. Hell, I don’t like TV in general. I barely give my local newspaper a second glance. So how do I stay up on world events? Why, the Internet of course!

It was a big, big week for ye olde news cycle. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on three landmark cases (two of which they actually got right in spite of themselves), the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, power was peacefully transferred in Australia and Qatar, and Mongolia re-elected its president.


What, you’ve never heard of Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj?
Image credit: Otgonjargal Sharav

Note how many foreign news links I use up there. I’d like to link domestically, but the American media’s obsession with innuendo and flat out garbage makes that difficult at best. It’s all about ratings and telling people what they want to hear as opposed to … you know, news these days.

Case in point, a couple weeks ago Σ and I were at lunch at our favorite Boise Italian establishment, Papa Joe’s. Unfortunately we were sat next to a flatscreen tuned to HLN, which is quite possibly the most useless cable channel in existence. Up to that point I had never heard of Jane Velez-Mitchell. I still wish I hadn’t. Her schtick is to cover court cases most people don’t give a damn about. Even Σ was aghast over the breathless screed we were forced to endure.


Yes, even worse than The Unwatchable Nancy Grace™.

Next time we’re sitting on the patio.

Rebel Yelling

This past weekend a lengthy comment made its way to “History Wednesday: More Red Flags.” It’s true three countries (Great Britain, Spain and Brazil) recognized the Confederate States of America as a “belligerent” in 1861. However this is not the same thing as full diplomatic recognition, which as stated the CSA never received from anyone. That’s what I meant to say, anyway. In fairness I’ll have to asterisk the original remark.

Even so, it’s implied the only reason they got that far is because the Lincoln Administration declared a blockade as opposed to blocking access to Confederate ports but not telling anyone, which is what Gideon Welles wanted. Apparently in diplomatic circles a blockade is only possible between two sovereign states. As British Foreign Secretary Lord John Russell said at the time, “The question of belligerent rights is one, not of principle, but of fact.”


Another truth: sideburns are named after arguably the worst general of the American Civil War.

I suspect neither the United Confederate Veterans nor the Sons of Confederate Veterans used rectangular “rebel flags” in any numbers before 1900. For one thing, both organizations were formed well over 20 years after the war. For another, the SCV uses the vexillologically-correct square battle flag in its logo to this day.

As for the rest of it, there’s a reason I didn’t get into the politics.

Track of the Week

Σ has a favorite New Order track:

She’s indifferent to the rest of Technique, though

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