Champagne Nightmares

I’m in the 2T for the weekend. Between yet another night of little to no sleep, the drive from the Command Center, containing Σ and Mom watching a 1968 rerun of The Lawrence Welk Show not 15 feet from me, I believe I’ve met the perfect storm.


The perfect storm of my undoing. A one and a two ….

It’s an inescapable wave of fatigue and setting lotion. Damn near impossible to avoid under these conditions.

Although Welk himself has been dead for over 20 years, his show continues to run on Saturday nights on the Idaho Public Television stations. Mom and Grandma still love him. Even Σ made a point of watching the show until somewhat recently. I’ll be generous and say I don’t get it.


In much the same way I don’t “get” Nicki Minaj, come to think of it.
Image credit: Eva Rinaldi

Yet, I’m one to talk about old fogey music. Especially considering almost everything I listen to came out some two decades ago, or more. On the trip to the 2T today I listened to The Downward Spiral for the first time in a long while. It sounds just as fresh to me as when I first heard it in college.

But that came out in 1994. Voter registration records now include people born after its release. Trent Reznor is an elder statesman now. Hell, no less than the late, great Johnny Cash covered HIM.

I didn’t mean to get old. It’s just that I don’t like much of anything “new” anymore. The only exception I can think of offhand is Franz Ferdinand. Even they’ve been around a good 10 years. I fear I’m becoming a relic like … setting lotion.


Image credit: Louis Calvete

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