Digital Foreshadowing

Σ shares my affinity for computers. For a variety of reasons, she also shares my childhood lack of access to computers.


Entirely different reasons, mind you.
Image credit: Flominator

That means when she’s with me she tends to go a little nuts online. Today was a case in point.

When Σ isn’t watching her YouTube boyfriends, she enjoys playing with her Webkinz “pets.” A lot.


“Daddy! Are you done with your blog yet?”

I must admit Webkinz is a pretty ingenious concept. They’re stuffed animals which you can “play” with online as well via a code that comes with the toy. They really hit the demographic sweet spot for eight-year-old girls, I gotta tellya. Admittedly, the site is much more entertaining than what Build-A-Bear Workshop has.

Σ did some chores for me. Thanks in part to that at the moment she has four Webkinz pets: two dogs both named Berry (an accident, but Webkinz doesn’t allow name changes), a third dog named Fifi, and a cat named Ptah.


Guess which one I named.
Image credit: Neithsabes

Each Webkinz has its own room in a community house. They also all have extensive and ever-expanding wardrobes. Σ takes them to the “park,” and since she doesn’t have computer access every day I regularly take them to “school” so they can compete in things such as beauty pageants and cooking competitions.

Speaking of wardrobes, Σ makes it a point to go on shopping sprees whenever possible, which means she’s constantly looking for ways for keep her “bank account” in the black. One can do that by going on jobs, answering trivia questions, playing games and so forth. Fortunately it’s not like Zynga, which often requires real money.


Well, so do Webkinz, but you actually get something with them.
Image credit: Wesley Fryer

Still, Σ has me play the games whenever possible. She does this because I’m better at them, therefore I earn more “money” playing them. So that’s what I’ve been doing today: working to support my daughter’s shopping habit.

This certainly doesn’t bode well for me. Given the “shop ’til you drop” mentality Σ demonstrates here, this is liable to get real ugly, real quick when she becomes a teenager and starts doing it for real. That day isn’t far away.

At least she hasn’t asked to play FarmVille recently.

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