Did I Write This?

I’m becoming increasingly nocturnal. Today is a perfect case in point. It’s 10 p.m. as of this writing and I just got up.


Yeah, that’s about right.
Image credit: Frank Vassen

Or at least I THINK I’m up ….

I’ve spent the last six hours or so dreaming about getting up to write today’s blog entry. The topic? How trippy it is to constantly wake up to write today’s blog entry. At some points it’s been one of those ultra-deep sleep dreams in which I’ve had to “wake up” several times in order to truly wake up.

Of course, I haven’t actually been blogging. Just dreaming about it. I fall back asleep and the process begins anew until I have to go to the bathroom or until Sneferu jumps on my face, whichever comes first.


He’s been a real pain in the ass today, even by his standards.

I don’t feel too bad about sleeping all day, given this is a federal holiday and all. Nothing could have been accomplished anyway. But wow, do I have this blog on my brain or what?

Anyway, I hope I’m really up to write this tonight. I suppose if you’re reading it I succeeded at some point. Sneferu seems to be weirded out by the fireworks outside, so perhaps he’ll leave me alone for a bit.


Serves him right, frankly.
Image credit: J&J Buzzard

Well, I’m going back to bed. Fireworks be damned. Maybe now I can come up with some actual content again.

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