Not Clear at All

Not much inspiration today, I’m afraid. I’ve been sitting here reading various Internet flotsam, eating Boulder Canyon Parmesan and Garlic potato chips and drinking Dr. Pepper Cherry. All to no avail.


Not even Lafayette could bring forth the snark today. It’s that bad.

I suppose I’m entitled to skip a day, especially considering the marathon posts of the previous two. But no! I must sally forth! So today, I’ll focus on upcoming events.

Tomorrow I head off to the 2T for my weekend with Σ. This weekend is the annual Kids Art in the Park. This is a highlight of Σ’s social calendar and a must-attend event if there ever was one. Thankfully, she’s not signed up for face painting this year.


Fun fact: Σ hates Star Wars. She has no idea who Darth Maul is.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to stay through Monday this time around. Normally that’s not worth writing about, but this week it’s different. Yes kids, I turn 40 on Monday. I have nothing planned. I don’t want anything planned. At this point I just want to get it over with.

Way the hell back in February I scored Rush tickets. They’ve been sitting quietly in my bookcase ever since. The concert is later this month out in the Vancouver, Washington, area, and I’m getting pumped for it. Yes, just like with my Thermopolis trip in May there will be travel blogging. If I thought for one moment I could get away with it I’d turn SB into a travel blog.


Think of me as a wannabe Anthony Bourdain for people who can’t cook.
Image credit: Neeta Lind

So that’s all I have for today. Hopefully I’ll be more inspired over the weekend.

Now, where the hell is my E-meter?

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