Ignoring a Milestone

“So, how does it feel to be 40?”

Yup, I officially entered my fifth decade today at 8:46 a.m. Command Center time. So far 40 feels … tired.


Well, OK. Not THAT tired.
Image credit: kqedquest

Nevertheless, I purposely didn’t plan anything today. That truly was for the best.

I didn’t get up until 5 p.m. This wasn’t entirely my fault though. I spent the better part of last night getting my 93-year-old great aunt to the hospital after she broke her ankle getting into my car.

broken ankle circled

A break very similar to the one I had last year.

Don’t worry, she’s fine. It’s just that I was out quite a bit later than I intended. It’s a good thing that yesterday’s SB entry was written in advance; my consecutive daily post streak would have been in serious jeopardy otherwise.

So yeah, that’s quite a way to start one’s birthday. And now, as I inexorably sink back into a state of utter lethargy, this special day will likely end in a whole lot of nothing. That’s the way I like it, really. With the milestone passed, I can go back to blithely ignoring holidays and other special events.

That said, thanks to all who posted well wishes on my Facebook page. Although deep down I don’t give a damn about the event itself, I do very much appreciate the sentiments.

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