Friday Crap Roundup XXIII

My fundamental quandary, conveniently encapsulated in flow chart form:


Oh Mr. Flow Chart, you have no idea ….

In spite of it all, I still have the energy and desire to write the FCR, albeit a short one this week.

Here We Have … Tetherball

Apparently this was posted back in February, but it just came to my attention this week. That venerable font of information, BuzzFeed, features an article titled “45 Reasons Why Idaho Is The Most Underrated State In The Country.”


Complete with the Boise paper’s epic smackdown of Nickelback a few years back.
Image credit:
The Idaho Statesman

Although the author did commit a couple grave errors, such as misspelling Emmett and mentioning Hey Arnold!, there’s a lot of truth here. While this state may have an irrational phobia of progressive thought, it most definitely isn’t afraid of wild gorillas.

And yes, Hey Arnold! is after my time. Deal with it.

Track of the Week

The Pixies – a band which hasn’t released a studio album in over two decades – put out a new single a couple weeks ago. I think I speak for many in the Class of 1991 when I say, “Squee!”

Even if they don’t have Kim Deal anymore.

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