A Suffocating Dread

A few days ago I wrote about being in a rather nasty funk. I’m afraid it’s getting worse. I was awakened today by a text message at 6:30 p.m. A couple things kept me from going back to sleep, namely the knowledge today’s blog entry wasn’t done, and a nasty feeling of shortness of breath.


The latter being extremely unusual for me.
Image credit: net_efekt

I must say, it’s very hard to concentrate on fantasies when one is having trouble breathing.

I don’t think this is cause for concern just yet, but it does serve to top off what’s been a particularly uninspiring and dreadful week. Σ is coming up on Thursday, and our road trip to Portland to see Rush is next weekend. Hopefully that will snap me out of it. But as for now, it’s another throwaway Sunday post I’m afraid.

So it’s back to bed with hopes tomorrow is a better day, or at least a more noteworthy one.


With dreams likely to be narrated by Casey Kasem.
Image credit: Alan Light

My mind, always a strange place to be.

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