Tripe Goes Mainstream

Earlier today, thousands of miles from the Command Center, a baby was born who is doomed to live his life through the lens of TMZ. Sure, one day he’ll be King of England, but that’s a long ways off. Hell, the kid doesn’t even have a name yet and he’s already choking up the tabloids.


My suggestion of “Ringo Morrissey Lydon Iommi” will likely be ignored.
Image credit: Leo Reynolds

This means I actually have something in common with the mainstream media today: neither one of us have any real news.

Over the past few days I’ve not been feeling well and barely able to stay awake. Of course, regular readers will no doubt note I’m like that all the time. However the past week or so has been especially brutal. While I must say I’m feeling better than I did 24 hours ago, it’s still been a ho-hum sort of day.


Although I did manage to find a new bike. Note the cable lock.

It’s now pretty clear I’m in the midst of a rather nasty depressive episode, which as a blog writer makes me feel like complete crap twice. For one, because I feel like complete crap. For another, due to a total lack of inspiration my writing production and quality has truly gone down the drain recently. That makes me feel like … you guessed it, complete crap.

Fortunately it’s not one of those dark, brooding periods. Those are the ones you have to really watch out for. I figure I’m only a good night’s sleep from something resembling normalcy. But given that I’ve been unable to stay awake for more than six hours at a time recently, you’d think I would have had that and then some by now.

But no. After completely collapsing this afternoon, I woke up at 10 p.m. with nothing to say whatsoever. Frankly I’m amazed I managed to pull this much out of my ass.


Pictured: a representation of the last week of SB.
Image credit: youcansleepwhenyouredead

Huh. Maybe I should look into channeling Perez Hilton or something. I don’t have to be inspired to write about Kim Kardashian’s ass all day. It would also be a hell of a lot more profitable.

Well, whatever. I’m going back to bed. Le sigh.

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