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You’d think a topic like Writer’s Tuesday would be easy. At least I did. But when writer’s block gets bad around here, it gets real freakin’ bad.

So today I decided to go to Facebook and Twitter and ask what y’all want to know from a professional writer. I’m glad to say I got enough material to write a halfway presentable entry. Well, at least I did from Facebook.


I increasingly wonder why I bother with Twitter at all.
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Much thanks for letting me bullshit through yet another day here.

“Do you enjoy pen and paper? Typewriter? Computer? Do any of these things get your creative juice flowing more than another?”

I “enjoy” pen and paper in much the same way I “enjoy” being hit in the face with a shovel. But don’t let that bias you.

In my view when it comes to writing the why is much more important than the how. For example, some people swear by pen and paper. I’m not one of them. Apart from my signature, I effectively forgot how to write in cursive some time ago. My handwriting was never very good to begin with, so I was never terribly motivated to improve on it. Today I only write by hand when absolutely necessary.

Frankly I don’t see the point in teaching cursive as a required subject in school anymore. In today’s reality it’s more an art form than a practical means of communication. Sure, when I was in elementary school 30 years ago it was a different story. Times are different now. I see this as a sea change on par with attitudes towards calculators. When I was in third grade, being caught with a calculator in class was only slightly less serious than being caught with a knife.


Now the damn things are required.
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However I’ll type just about anyone under the table. I wouldn’t do this otherwise.

That all said, all other things equal how you put words down during that all-important creative process is strictly a matter of preference. Just keep in mind no one in the publishing industry wants to see a 100,000-word handwritten manuscript. Or a 10,000-word manuscript for that matter.


You’re not the Venerable Bede.

Do you utilize external stimuli while you write?

Eh, depends on the situation. When I’m writing at the Command Center I usually like to keep things quiet. I don’t watch much TV to begin with, and I tend to fire up the Pandora only when I’m playing Civilization.


And I NEVER write while playing Civilization.
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Quiet isn’t a hard and fast rule though. This entry was written on the road, and in particular this section was written while some jackass played Matchbox 20 on the jukebox. I barely noticed. However, when I was at the Mongolian Bistro a few weeks ago I’m pretty sure I scared the hell out of the poor server. I blame that on fatigue and hunger more than interference with the creative process.

What about writer’s block?

What about it? I’ve been bitching about it for days. It still doesn’t stop me from writing crap.

I suppose the advice there is to not be afraid of off days. I assure you if a Superfluous Bloviations anthology is ever published as a book, it’ll be an abridged edition.

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