“Other” Revelations

It’s amazing how quickly a subject for this blog sometimes presents itself.

Since Σ and I are going to Portland in a couple days to see Rush, she’s staying with me beginning tonight. Having just put her to bed, I was resigned to writing tonight about how she’s looking forward to an all-day car trip to Oregon’s I-5 corridor to … “go to the mall.”


Which, as I told her, makes about as much sense as going to Japan to eat at McDonald’s.

As it turns out, you can thank the UK’s Daily Mail for saving you from reading about that.

A few days ago this fine British tabloid reported on the “Other” folder hidden in Facebook accounts. Evidently many of us have unread messages sitting in this folder, some of which have been there for years. Facebook says it’s there as a deterrent against spam. However, sometimes real messages find their way into this folder … and chances are you’re none the wiser.

Wouldn’t you know it, I have 32 such messages located therein dating back well over two years.


All the hotties call me W. It’s a super sexy letter.

My “Other” folder is a fun potpourri of Internet flotsam, consisting of obvious scam and spam messages, reminders of my 20-year high school reunion (held in 2011), pleas from various politicians, and announcements of events such as World IBD Day and “GAY MOVIE NIGHT TRIVIA.”


Curious, given that I’m straight and I don’t like movies.

Unfortunately, there was no earth-shattering missed message or treasure trove of comic gold in my “Other” folder, but perhaps there’s something interesting in yours. Let me know if you come across it.

Now it’s time for me to go to bed. We don’t leave for Portland until Saturday, so I have to figure out how to entertain Σ for an entire day tomorrow. That’s going to take some doing.

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