Friday Crap Roundup XXIV

It’s Friday. Concert weekend with Rush at last!


And it’ll be so, so much cooler than this.
Image credit: Trevor Dodge

Looking forward to pleasant temperatures and no opening act this time around (in stark contrast to having to endure 45 minutes of Mr. Big, as was the case back in 1992), I’m packed and ready to go. All that’s left here is the Friday Crap Roundup.

In Case Real Cats Bore You

They certainly bore me from time to time.


What a couple of dullards.

Well, fear not. Now you can play with cats online without having to worry about claws, allergies or hairballs. Several animal shelters – including Boise’s own Idaho Humane Society – allow you to interact remotely with their feline charges. And you thought the Internet was worthless. Ha!

Just don’t try it in the middle of the night. Unlike Nyan Cat, these kitties tend to be business hours only. Sorry about that.

Burned by Boston Brahmins

50 years ago this week, Air Force Gen. Godfrey McHugh found himself on the wrong end of an irate phone call from John F. Kennedy regarding a private hospital room for the then very pregnant First Lady. The military got an impromptu lesson in PR that day. Specifically, don’t allow the press in unless you’re damn sure it won’t be embarrassing.

JFK at his uncensored, NSFW best.

Sadly Kennedy’s last child, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, died two days after he was born in the room in early August 1963. Kennedy himself, of course, met an untimely end a short time later.

Track of the Week

As if there was any doubt ….

Σ and I will be two of 18,000+ on Sunday.

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