Not My Greenest Post

What a difference 434 miles make. Well, maybe. It’s 20 degrees cooler here but I’m still sweating like a stuck pig. Still, every time you walk into a hotel room, it’s obvious you’re not home anymore.


“A blue state. Definitely a blue state.”

You know what’s really nice about a hotel? The fact you can crank the air conditioner up to full blast and suffer no economic consequences whatsoever! OK, so I’m only an environmentalist most of the time.

Today thanks to my Chromebook SB is coming to you from Vancouver in lovely Washington state. Σ was only slightly disappointed to discover this is not the Washington where the president lives.

Much unlike my trip to Wyoming a couple months ago, today’s drive to the Portland area was uneventful, and Σ was kind enough to limit herself to under 50 instances of, “Are we there yet?” Although we’re both extremely tired, so far this junket is going well. Σ got to play with her nieces π and μ, and I was able to catch up with my sister.

Despite a weird smell in the halls (a cross between Lysol and banana Laffy Taffy I believe), the hotel room looks good. We’ll be spending the next two nights in style.


Push button shampoo! Σ calls it the epitome of luxury.

Well, Σ has everything put away and I’m beat. Imma gonna get my beauty sleep tonight. Tomorrow, we rock!

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