The Rush Before Rush

Today’s post is a little earlier than usual. Rush plays a three-hour set, and I don’t expect to be back at the hotel room until after 11 p.m. With an eight-year-old in tow, that means there won’t be any late night writing tonight.


Oh she thinks she can handle it, but I know better.
Image credit: Rafael Edwards

So there won’t be any concert accounts until tomorrow. Sorry ’bout that.

Today was devoted to tourism, but in the very abnormal SB sense. Since we’re in the Portland area, Σ thought it would be a good idea to try out Voodoo Doughnut. I admit I was curious myself. Turns out their original downtown location is on the way to my sister’s place, so I agreed.

Unfortunately we discovered Voodoo Doughnut has succumbed to Baron Samedi’s tourist trap curse. The line to get in wound across the block. Quoth the Σ, “Screw that!”

Yeah, she’s definitely my daughter.

My sister suggested we try Sesame Donuts instead. She says they’re better than Voodoo Doughnut and not nearly as hyped. Indeed she’s been known to take out a dozen of their maple bars by herself.


Of course, she was pregnant with twins at the time.

I have to say they were pretty good. I got Σ some pink sprinkled donuts in honor of her affinity for Smosh, but it turns out she didn’t like them, preferring the chocolate cream bars instead.

Meanwhile, Σ kept π and μ entertained while my sister and I went to attend to her 1999 Ford Taurus. She’s had it approximately four days, and it’s broken down approximately four times. The most recent ordeal appears to be an alternator. My job was to drive her down to Les Schwab to see about getting the battery recharged.

This involved a drive several miles out of my way, straight down Walker … only to find Les Schwab was closed for the day. “Straight down Walker” being more an expression than anything else.


Portland apparently having plowed under its last straight road in 1867.

An hour and two jump starts later, we got the car back to her apartment. Hopefully this will be resolved for them soon.

In the meantime, Σ and I have a concert to get ready for. I’m hoping I can get T-shirts for us for less than the gross national product of Belize.


This may be overkill, but we’re prepared!

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