Arts, Crafts and Sleep

We’re back from Portland MUCH later than expected. I’m not even going to try to clean out the staff car until tomorrow.



However, I’m happy to report we had a spectacular time at the Rush concert.

Σ wore her concert T-shirt all the way home today. Although it was the smallest size they had, it fits her more like a dress. This prompted her to call herself a “Rush princess.” Although she somehow managed to fall asleep during the second set despite 20,000 people screaming all around her, the experience clearly made an impact. Σ couldn’t stop talking about the pyrotechnics and Neil Peart’s drums.


And Geddy Lee’s glasses. She’s still not entirely convinced they’re real.
Image credit: Jonathan Bayer

I’m going to keep things short due to the intolerably long drive I just endured with a punchy eight-year-old. I’ll have more to say about Rush later this week when I’m not half-asleep. However, I did want to share this before I signed off for the day. Σ made the Rush Starman logo out of some leftover wax earplugs while waiting for the show to start.


This is beyond awesome.

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