The Spirit of Hot Sauce

I must be feeling better today, otherwise I wouldn’t have the temerity to make this purchase:


Everything’s better with sriracha.

This is a good thing, because now I can finish talking about this past weekend’s Rush concert.

The last time I saw Rush was some 21 years ago at the then-new Delta Center in Salt Lake City. Although the seats were near the section’s front row, they were in the upper deck. In other words, they kind of sucked.


Apparently it’s called the EnergySolutions Arena now. I don’t get out to Salt Lake much.

The show was OK. It would have been better if Primus had opened instead of Mr. Big. Oh well.

I’ve had opportunities to see Rush (and other concerts, for that matter) since then, but I continually blew them off. That’s part of being bipolar; I often don’t get as excited about things as I should. Fortunately, I was “up” enough to get tickets this time around. It also proved to be a convenient excuse to go to Portland to see my sister and my nieces, which in turn provided a good excuse to take Σ to her first rock concert.

Yes, her mother took her to see Lifehouse when she was a baby, but on many levels that doesn’t count.

Anyway, this weekend’s venue was the Sleep Country Amphitheater north of Vancouver, Washington. My seats there were MUCH better.


Hey, I can actually see the stage!

At first Σ seemed to be more concerned with her ear protection than anything else. I honestly thought it would be louder than it was so I largely ignored mine, but Σ wasn’t taking any chances. She wore those damn things throughout the show. For a moment there I thought she was going to spend the entire evening bored. Fortunately, Dirk, Lerxst and Pratt were kind enough to play her favorite Rush song early on.

Complete with the vintage A Show of Hands-era animations.

But they really got her hooked when they played “Far Cry.” Turns out Σ wasn’t aware rock concerts sometimes involve fireworks. She’s aware now. Towards the end she was half-expecting the band to destroy their instruments a la Pete Townshend. I explained you don’t do that when you’re cool enough to play such things as $6,000 guitars named after you.

Unfortunately, she didn’t stay awake long enough to witness “YYZ,” “Tom Sawyer” or “2112.” I know she’s a little kid and all, but HOW THE HELL do you fall asleep during a Rush concert?


Yeah, this had something to do with it.

The Sleep Country Amphitheater is a great place to see a show, even if it’s a bitch and a half to get out of afterwards. Hopefully Rush has enough in the tank to play there again. If so, Σ and I will be there.

And now, my sriracha delicacy awaits.

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