Friday Crap Roundup XXV

I’ve somehow made it to the 25th FCR. That’s nearly half a year of these posts. Sneferu was a mere kitten when I started this blog. Today’s he’s a year old.


And he can hardly contain himself.

We’ve got a few more weeks until Djoser’s birthday in October. I’m sure that will be equally exciting. In the meantime sit back and enjoy the FCR.

Now That’s Evil!

I try not to comment too much on overtly political stuff here, but this deserves an exception. John Hagee is yet another ridiculous ultra-conservative religious leader who clearly doesn’t know his Stryper from his Slayer. But that doesn’t stop him from railing against rock and roll, which he very recently referred to as “Satanic cyanide.”

Wait, what year is this anyway? I wonder if that’s what my late grandfather thought some 50 years ago when made my uncle destroy a record he bought from those noted minstrels of evil … Jan and Dean.


Two guys obviously in league with Beelzebub.
Image credit: Simon Murphy

Clearly, asinine behavior in the name of “decency” is timeless. Meanwhile back in the real world, Σ hates Justin Bieber with a passion. Consequently as a parent I don’t worry about such things.

More Historical Weirdness

I recently came across the best history blog I’ve seen in a good, long time. Well, other than this one of course. History’s Dumpster is chock full of the obscure crap I love. I’m a regular reader now. You should be too … right after you’re done here.


Among other things, I had completely forgotten about Dora Hall.
Image credit: Dora’s World

Yeah, you just might see some of this stuff in a future installment of History Wednesday.

Track of the Week

A couple weeks ago I was asked if music distracts me when I’m writing. The answer is yes, for the most part. However for some reason Fear of Music by the Talking Heads is an exception.

I listened to it constantly during my book editing days.

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