Scraping the Bottom of the Archives

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on old media clips from my childhood. I should come back to this well more often.

Painful as it might be.

Ah, the things I subject myself to for my art.

The Dregs of Disco

My parents were never big into popular music. In turn, I lived much of my childhood in something of a pop culture bubble. How much of a bubble? Well, until I was well into my teens when someone said, “Sgt. Pepper,” I immediately thought of this:


Turns out the Beatles did it first. I’ll be damned.
Image credit: badgreeb RECORDS

Accordingly my taste in music has always been a bit … odd. Had you asked me who my favorite musician was when I was eight I probably would have replied, “Spike Jones, of course.” Never mind the fact by 1980 he was even more dated than Lawrence Welk.

A Spike Jones album was one of the very few vinyl releases I ever owned outright. That and, um, this ….

Not to be confused with the similarly-titled Rick Dees release.

Now the really crazy thing is I didn’t like disco overall. This suited Mom fine, as the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack was pretty much the only contemporary popular music in the house at the time. She didn’t want me messing with the easily-molested vinyl. In spite of it all, I never got the Bee Gees.

How Many Licks?

Mind you, I didn’t live entirely under a rock. Like most of you I was quite familiar with this iconic ad.

Even so, I’m not sure I saw the whole thing before today.

So how many licks? Well, some 30 years ago I resolved to find out. The true answer is 103 licks. Granted, 103 very strong, slobbery licks, but 103 licks all the same. That’s my research and I’m sticking to it.

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