A Quick Thought On Growing Up

Chronologically my daughter is eight years old. Psychologically though she’s increasingly in a transitory state. Sometimes she acts more like four, other times more like 24. See seems to move between the two seamlessly.


I was the same way with my penchant for unnecessary formality.

I know this is perfectly normal; I’m not worried or anything like that. It’s just disconcerting as all hell.

Last night’s events are a perfect case in point. Σ put on makeup and insisted on taking me out for dinner. Immediately after we got home she made me watch Space Buddies.


Both uncomfortable experiences, albeit for different reasons.

Oh, I know the teenage years are coming. Believe me, I know. I try not to dwell on the past as a matter of principle. Still, I suspect I’ll miss these days. Perhaps a little.

REMINDER: As announced earlier there will be no SB post on Sundays anymore. It’s a weird feeling, knowing I’m intentionally skipping a day here for the first time in six months. See y’all on Monday.

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