Writing Basics, With Pictures!

I have a nasty habit of over-thinking things. Like in high school, when I’d do things like turn the prospect of an innocuous prom date into a 60-year commitment in my head.

hee haw

And then forget about the damn thing anyway.
Image credit: TV-INTROS

And so it is with blog entries. No one said I had to write Pulitzer Prize-winning material every damn day. So with that in mind, today’s installment of “Lane Tells You How to Write!” keeps things simple.

Before you even consider writing for others, you need to learn some very basic skills. Spelling is foremost among these …

rOx-pun-tattoo-regret-nohing-300x300Image credit: funNglish.com

… especially spelling of proper names.


Image credit: PopularFidelity.com

Don’t forget concepts like grammar …


Image credit: cacophonyx

… and punctuation.

Private court signs

Image credit: Joyful Public Speaking (from fear to joy)

Even though they’re not writing per se, solid math skills are still terribly important …


That’s 120 percent in case you didn’t feel like checking.
Image credit: Fox News

 … as is geography …


And no, the fact there’s a Boise in Oklahoma doesn’t excuse this.
Image credit: Sisyphus Idaho

… and fact-checking in general, come to think of it.


But if you insist on being an idiot, might as well go all out.
Image credit: robbroccoli

Yeah, all this should be painfully obvious to anyone. However – as the images above attest – these rules are constantly blown off, even by people like Fox and HLN who really should know better. Take the time to use spell check and and verify what you’re saying, that’s all.

Do that, and you’re already above average.

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