It’s a Cat’s Galaxy, We Just Live Here

Saturday evening, the close of a slow day during which I didn’t bother to put on pants.


Which is a lot like most days, unfortunately.

I’m playing old school Xbox. Djoser – who’s clearly at least as bored as I am – has decided to attack my feet from his base under the ottoman. Fortunately I’m wearing socks. Fun fact about me: I HATE being barefoot.

Then I remember, “Hey, I bought these guys a new cat toy yesterday!”

Σ has been after me for some time to get more exciting cat toys for the Pyramid Brothers. When she’s not torn between watching Nickelodeon or TLC, she often tunes into a little show called My Cat From Hell over on Animal Planet. Every episode is pretty much the same: the curiously-named Jackson Galaxy – a self-described “cat listener” – visits a befuddled a southern California household or two in hopes of taming the out of control kitty cat which has utterly taken over. The cats portrayed are much, much worse than Djoser or Sneferu could ever hope to be.


Something like this, yes.
Image credit: JohnCrider

In his work Galaxy often uses a cat toy which resembles a small fishing pole with a feather tied to the end. Σ has been after me to get one of these for my cats for some time, as she considers the numerous cat toys I have to be “boring.” When I say numerous, I mean it. The cats got more Christmas presents than I did last year.


‘Tis but a small sample.

Well, fine. A couple days ago I was at my friendly neighborhood Fred Meyer and came across the aforementioned “Feather Dangler.” In the finest American tradition of impulse shopping, I picked one up. At the very least, now Σ will have something to do with the cats when she stays over. This is a good thing given that Sneferu is apparently too old to play dress-up now. Much to his great relief, I might add.

Much to my relief, both cats actually like the thing.


Note to self: get a digital camera which doesn’t require Daguerreotype-era exposure times.

As for me, I was over it after a few minutes. We’ll play with it again tomorrow. Maybe. I’m going back to the Xbox. The cats found a paper bag. All is well at the Command Center.

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