Mexican-Inspired Blogging

That sharp pain in my left side I alluded to a couple days ago is back with a vengeance. So much so I spent most of the day in bed.


It laughs in the face of ibuprofen.

Given that the highlight of my day was going downstairs to get the mail – a slow, excruciating process by the way – I was left with little to write about. Once again, in order to make the blog work I’m forced to pull something out of my ass.

Good thing I have a stock of convenience store food on hand. I suppose that’s a good a topic as any for today.



Those of you familiar with my Facebook or Twitter pages may recognize the Don Miguel logo. Yeah, I suppose I’ve become something of a regular customer.

Don Miguel is one of several “Mexican-inspired” brands owned by an outfit called MegaMex Foods, which in turn is controlled in part by Hormel. That makes sense, as “MegaMex” is exactly the authentic Mesoamerican name I’d expect from corporate suits based in Minnesota.


I would have called it “Tlazolteotl,” but what does my silly ass know?

While I’ve been a fan of Don Miguel’s “The Bomb” burritos in years past, in my old age I find myself more attracted to lighter fare such as their breakfast burritos. Microwave 30 seconds per side until hot, douse with Cholula and enjoy. It’s hard to beat that.

Yes, MegaMex always has the best interests of a public vaguely acquainted with Mexican culture at heart. Hell, their web site even says they’re dedicated to bringing “the spirit of Mexico to every table.”


Although I was unable to find exactly that on their site.
Image credit: Rodrigo Tejeda

Of course I grew up in the American West and I have been paying attention for the most part. So yes, I know “Mexican-inspired” cuisine is about as authentic as a “Louis Vuitton” bag made in Bangladesh. Once I can move without fear of passing out from the pain, I intend to head over to Andrade’s and get some real Mexican food.

In the meantime, maybe something con gusano is what I need to take care of of my side. Nah, that stuff has been known to cause discomfort elsewhere ….

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