Friday Crap Roundup XXVIII

It’s Friday, and the troglodytes regulars over at Reddit have discovered me!


Turns out Σ thinks posts about cars suck too.

A “spammer” eh? Damn. Imagine the reaming I’d get over there if I actually posted in the same category more than once a week.

Six Dollar Popcorn for This?

Fortunately for ol’ m1nd64m3, on the whole I really don’t give a rat’s ass about cars in the first place. I guess that means he won’t be reading my treatise on Van Allen belts. His loss.

You know what I find even more underwhelming than cars? Movies. Apparently the Internet is up in arms because Ben Affleck was cast as Batman. I couldn’t care less. Let’s see those Hollywood nitwits get truly original for a change.


Ladies and gentlemen, your next Catwoman.
Image credit: True/Slant

We all know the suits of the motion picture world are way too chickenshit to allow such awesomeness, so why dwell on it? Let’s move on.

Don’t Forget

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And hey, while you’re at it support all of my Boise favorites, most of which aren’t me! Yes, my altruism runneth over.

Track of the Week

Σ just now realized this the same guy who made UHF, which now ranks among her favorite movies ever.

“Yes, he used to wear glasses. That was before you were born.”

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