Updating Themes

Longtime readers know there are several running themes here at SB. They also know I’ve neglected most of them recently.


A clear case of art imitating life.

The short answer behind most of my inactivity is that being bipolar I constantly find myself with a long and unfulfilled task list, whether I like it or not (and I assure you, I most definitely don’t). Here are some specifics:

Taxil and the White Noise: My EP is still on the to-do list, but given my atrocious energy levels sadly I haven’t made any progress since releasing my cover of 4’33” in April. I’ll finish this project eventually, but it’s definitely on the back burner at the moment.

Meanwhile, enjoy.

The gym: Haven’t been there for about a month. See the above comment regarding energy levels. I’ve also had recurring issues with back and side soreness to the point where going to the supermarket takes everything out of me. Getting old sucks.

However, I still managed to lose a few pounds since I last wrote about this. That’s a plus, I suppose.

My book: If you “like” my Facebook page, you know I have a book in the works. I have a basic treatment written up, but that’s all at the moment. Frankly most days simply keeping up with SB is work enough.


Which is every bit as lame as it sounds.
Image credit: TravelGrrrl

I’m kicking around the idea of an e-book based on History Wednesday. It would feature longer, better researched and edited versions of SB’s most popular posts. We’ll see where that goes.

Myrtle and Moose Factory Boy™: I’ve been out of the dating pool by choice for some time now. Accordingly I haven’t seen Myrtle in several months, although we remain on good terms and still talk from time to time. I understand she recently dated someone who spoke primarily in movie quotes. That must have been annoying as hell. Doubly so if he was into The Princess Bride. Referencing that movie in everyday conversation was witty for about 10 minutes in 1990, maybe. Now it’s just irritating. Memo to Western civilization at large: please stop.


Andre the Giant’s real life story is much more interesting anyway.
Image credit: Rachel Kramer Bussel

As for Moose Factory Boy™, I’ve heard hide nor hair of him in months. He and Myrtle appear to be truly done and over with. Given that I don’t expect to mention him again, he may be coming out of the glossary entirely before too much longer.

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