Friday Crap Roundup XXIX

To answer Colin from yesterday’s post, yes, perhaps “algorithm twerking” is what I’m looking for.


Clearly a time-honored tradition. Click because you need the glory.
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And that’s a good a way as any to begin this week’s Friday Crap Roundup.

Battle of the Crap

Contestant #1 was in a few movies some 25 years ago, has a weird Michael Jackson fetish, is well over a foot shorter than me, thinks Scotty Page was in Pink Floyd, and lets anyone attend his parties, provided of course they’re willing to wear lingerie or pay $250 for the privilege.

The video is strangely lacking in unfavorable comments despite over 1,850 dislikes. Go figure.

Contestant #2 may have missed his calling as a hen teaser, has a weird Neil Peart fetish, is exactly my height at all times, knows Greg Page was in the Wiggles, and doesn’t bother with parties at all.

Zero likes. Zero dislikes. Zero Auto-Tune.

Assuming you survived both videos, vote for your “favorite” below.

Last Time, I Promise

Voting for Best of Boise 2013 is open until 11:59 p.m. U.S. Mountain Time on 1 September. That’s two days from now, so get cracking. In case you needed a reminder, I’m running in the “Best Living Idaho Writer,” “Best Local Blogger” and “Best Local Website” categories. Once again, your support is gratefully appreciated.


So click and cast your ballot, dammit!
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You need to vote in 20 categories for your ballot to count. So by all means support all of my Boise favorites too!

Track of the Week

Most movies don’t start like this. That’s a damn shame.

Don’t talk! Watch!

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