Ignoring the Auspicious

So much for a nice and easy Saturday missive. I just took a look at the post count.


Image credit: Steve Rhode

Yup. It’s my 200th post, and I have nothing special planned for it.

Of course I knew this was coming, but I was hoping I’d have something melodramatic and groundbreaking to celebrate the accomplishment with. You know, like what the Brothers Chaps did for the 200th Strong Bad E-Mail a few years ago. Just not in Flash, cuz I don’t do that.

I suppose I should stop being so hard on myself. It’s just an arbitrary number, right? But I really wanted to do this right, especially since my 100th post left me so unfulfilled back in May. Alas, this comes at the end of a very trying week. The well is dry; I’m glad I decided to take Sundays off a while back.


Because I’m perilously close to copying stereo instructions at this point.
Image credit: Rik Ruff

Ah well. At least I’m not likely to share the same fate as the once-prolific Homestar Runner “sbemail” series, which ended abruptly at 205. I’m pretty sure I can top that now.

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