Sep 30

The Abysmal Quality of Spam

Even after several months SB continues to get hits on the posts “Messing With Spammers” and “Messing With Spammers, Part Deux.” Seems the gr8tits2play racket is alive and well.


What’s really scary is that got more ad clicks than SB this month.

I’d write more about dating scams, but I haven’t been trolling Craigslist recently.

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Sep 27

Friday Crap Roundup XXX

It’s been nearly a month since the last FCR. One would think I’d have plenty to write about today, but eh, not so much. Dredging the Internet for the awesome and the absurd hasn’t been a real high priority lately.


Although this article on Proto-Indo-European clearly falls into the former category.

Still, there’s enough going on to warrant a 30th installment.

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Sep 25

History Wednesday: Going to the Lordy

If history teaches us nothing else, it teaches us the notion of “the good old days” is a myth and a sham. Need proof? Consider Charles Guiteau. He was a piece of work for the ages, one who put our contemporary wingnuts to shame.


David Koresh had nothing on this guy.

Indeed, the 1881 series of events which led to Guiteau’s place in history look absolutely preposterous when viewed through the lenses of today. Yet there they are.

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Sep 23

Unexploded Ordnance and Other Road Hazards

Hey look, it’s back.


Wait, what did you think I was talking about?
Image credit: Karin Beil

Well, actually it never left. It just hasn’t made a lot of noise recently. That is, until now.

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Sep 03

Taking a Break

I really, really hate to do this.


Image credit: Ken Hawkins

As I’ve alluded to on several occasions, my health has really taken a beating recently. Unfortunately it has deteriorated to the point where I can no longer commit to six high quality posts a week without placing an undue amount of stress on myself. Frankly I’ve been in denial of that for a few days now, and the corresponding drop in quality really shows. Accordingly, this will be the last SB post for a while.

I don’t know how long this hiatus will be. It might only be a few days, it might be a lot longer. I will say this is NOT the end of Superfluous Bloviations. The site isn’t going anywhere. Posts will resume as soon as I feel better.

Please don’t worry about me; I’m going to be OK. Indeed, making sure I’m OK is perhaps the number one reason for this. I appreciate everyone’s support over the last seven months or so. It really means a lot.

See you as soon as I can.


Sep 02

Walk Against Boredom

Nothing like skull-crushing boredom to make you do something you haven’t done for awhile. That’s right, it’s time to change things up around here!

What did I do? Ha ha! I went outside.


Hrm. Looks like rain.

Yes, it really has been that boring recently.

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