Walk Against Boredom

Nothing like skull-crushing boredom to make you do something you haven’t done for awhile. That’s right, it’s time to change things up around here!

What did I do? Ha ha! I went outside.


Hrm. Looks like rain.

Yes, it really has been that boring recently.

No one is more aware than I am that I need to get out more. However given my condition that’s often easier said than done. Honestly the main reason I did it today was for blog material. Otherwise you would have got the stereo instructions I threatened on Saturday. No one wants to see that.

Walking northbound up Phillippi I encountered several teenagers running down the street. I assumed they were the Borah High School cross country team. It’s the right neighborhood and the right time of year for that.


I know the type.

They said “Good morning!” to me in unison. Odd, considering it was 7:30 p.m., but whatever. It occurred to me I still have the stride down, but the endurance is long gone. Walking anything longer than a mile anymore leaves me short of breath. No way I could keep up with these kids. Indeed it would be unwise to try. Good thing they were heading southbound.

Now that I’ve caught my breath at my destination I may sit down for a nice dinner. So that’s my night. The nice thing about boredom is you can pay it forward. You’re welcome.

Hopefully I’m not forced to walk back in a downpour.

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