Friday Crap Roundup XXXI

I’m feeling better than I was a couple days ago. The need for drugs has subsided. The same holds true for Sneferu, who finished a three-week regimen of antibiotics yesterday. In other words, no more shoving little pink pills down a cat’s throat every damn day.


He might actually appreciate that.

I know I do ….

The Pocatello Bungle Bengal

Σ is in Pocatello with Grandma for the Idaho State homecoming game. Two things immediately spring to mind. First, she’s been to the ISU homecoming more often than I have, and I’m an alumnus. Second, when was the last time the Bengals actually won their homecoming game?


Yeah, it’s like that.
Image credit: ESPN

Of course, Σ doesn’t give a damn about football. She’s there for the parade and to be spoiled by her great aunt and uncle. I suppose I can’t fault her for that.

ISU plays the curiously unnamed North Dakota squad tomorrow. While UND is much better known for hockey, let’s say I’m not optimistic about my alma mater’s chances. More on this later I’m sure.

Speaking of Hockey

Now that the NHL is back you may want to acquaint yourself with my other web site, the Quebec Nordiques Preservation Society. Yeah, it needs work, but so do a lot of other things. One day I’ll get to it.

At any rate, way back in 1994 when the team was still active I bought a Nordiques jersey. Yesterday I discovered much to my horror I can’t wear it anymore. It’s still in decent condition after nearly two decades. That’s not the issue. The problem is it’s too small now.


I really must go to the gym more than once every three months.

Track of the Week

Up until a few days ago I had never heard of The xx. Then I found I kept “liking” their stuff on Pandora. Now I may just have to break down and buy their MP3s or something ….

Can’t give it up.

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