Friday Crap Roundup XXXII

By fits and starts, I’m trying to get SB back up and running.


Such as it is.
Image credit: Ernstl

But hey, at least now you can “Follow my blog with Bloglovin!” Right, now that that’s out of the way ….

Happy Birthday, Σ!

Today’s is Σ’s 9th birthday. She’s become a big fan of “Weird Al” Yankovic recently, so I thought it only fitting that she receive a Yankovic-themed gift. To wit, a spatula from Spatula City!


She’s gonna love it!

Relax, I got her a real gift too.

Fighting Optical Flaws

Way back in the Clinton era, specifically from 4 January 1995 to 10 April 1996, I hosted an audio-only music show on the Pocatello public access TV station called “Lane Startin’s Maim That Tune.” I’m currently putting together a proposal to resurrect the show on Radio Boise KRBX.

Unfortunately, many of my CDs are in, um, poor condition. Some of my favorite tracks have been so utterly obliterated over the years that I can’t rip them to MP3 format at all. Fortunately my friends at the Boise Public Library have come up with a solution, a service called Freegal Music.


Image credit: Boise Public Library

Basically Freegal lets anyone with a library card download three MP3s per week free and clear. This is perfect for my purposes, allowing me to reclaim a song here and a song there without having to purchase individual tracks piecemeal from Amazon or whatever. The above link only works if you have a Boise library card, although I imagine others use the service as well.

Track of the Week

A freshly-rescued track which will undoubtedly find its way to the Boise airwaves if I have anything to say about it:

They’re playing Portland in April. Who wants to go?

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