Friday Crap Roundup XXXIII: Crap I Like

When I started SB nearly a year ago the intent was to supplement what I wrote at Cracked. Unfortunately, as of today said contributions at Cracked comprise entirely of a single Photoplasty entry. I haven’t even sent them a proposal in months. It’s very much a lack of desire on my part, and also because I think they’ve slipped a bit recently. Don’t get me wrong, they still produce great stuff from time to time. I’m just not “feeling” them as much anymore.


Too many movie and video game articles I frankly don’t give a rat’s ass about.
Image credit: Valve Corporation

That said, there’s plenty of other good stuff out there. That’s a good thing, given what kind of a slacker I am.

History’s Dumpster

I’ve mentioned Larry Waldbillig’s History’s Dumpster in the past, but his is truly one of my favorite blogs. Larry is eclectic, I daresay even more so than I am. He covers subjects ranging from the bizarre musical career of Dora Hall to the much more recent and even more bizarre phenomenon of Kawaii Crush.

Um ….

Larry also updates a lot more than I do these days. I think short posts are his secret. More on production guilt in a moment ….


Regular SB readers know my nine-year-old daughter Σ has a soft spot for YouTube channels, particularly Smosh. While Smosh is genuinely funny at times, I often find them a tad annoying and juvenile.

Fortunately for curmudgeons like me who enjoy watching people eat strange food on YouTube but don’t feel it’s necessary for the talent to yell “BITCH!” every 15 seconds, there’s an alternative. Much like Smosh, Ashens is fond of sampling strange foods mailed to him by random strangers. However very much unlike the California-based twentysomethings of Smosh, Ashens is a droll Englishman who clearly remembers the 80s like I do. He also frequently pokes fun at the incredibly cheap and unintentionally hilarious crap found at dollar stores.


Excuse me, “pound stores.” This is a UK production, after all.
Image credit: ThisIsAce

There’s all sorts of great stuff here. Some of my favorites include his review of the ludicrously low-rent PolyStation 3 video game “console,” a segment on 80s toys featuring the truly vile Breath Busters, and an in-depth look at 30-year-old food and toiletry items. Don’t watch that last one while eating.

And Garbage Pail Kids. If you don’t remember these, you don’t remember the 80s. That simple, y’all.

The Oatmeal

Hey, as it turns out I’m not the only guy from Idaho who occasionally blogs about cats. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know The Oatmeal gets approximately eight billion hits a week and has more Facebook likes than Paris Hilton. Well not really, but he’s a hell of a lot closer than I am. Nevertheless, I just found out about The Oatmeal a few days ago. It’s brilliant stuff. What’s his secret? Well, a liberal sprinkling of cat cartoons has a lot to do with it. I don’t do cartoons. I tend to write about obscure Mexican presidents instead.


There’s a reason for that.

In all seriousness his recent cartoon about creating web content is bloody awesome, especially his observations about having nothing to write about. Yeah, this is my first entry in two weeks, but this is also my 212th entry since I fired up this sumbitch last February. I really shouldn’t beat myself up over it like I do.

Track of the Week

“…. I’m still alive and there’s nothing I want to do.” TMBG nails it again.

I’ll try not to go two weeks between entries again. Promise.

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