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About W. Lane Startin

W. Lane Startin is a freelance writer based in Boise, Idaho. Reddit loves him.


Really, they do.

Startin is a graduate of Idaho State University, where in 1995 he created one of Idaho’s first online newspapers, the short-lived University Voice. Later he was an acquisitions editor for a small Philadelphia publisher. There he helped produce Jessi Winchester’s 2000 biography, From Bordello to Ballot Box. In 2002 Startin was the Green Party nominee for U.S. House of Representatives in the Nevada 1st Congressional District. He doesn’t recommend doing that.

After stints in the credit card and insurance industries, Startin founded Tenstar Media LLC in 2010. His hobbies include history, the Internet and collecting dust. Be sure to check him out at Cracked (“America’s Only Humor Site”) and on Facebook.

Startin is a member of the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981, AFL-CIO).

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