SB Glossary

Terms used here in case you didn’t bother to read from day one. Occasionally updated and amended.

2T, The: My ancestral homeland. Figure it out.

Beachy: A sobriquet used for my daughter in posts written between March and June 2013. The name is an Anglicization of the Basque bitxi, meaning weird. This in turn is an homage to Beachy’s favorite cartoon character, Dr. Weird. Further explanation here, here and here. The nickname was retired and replaced by Σ per her request.

Bloviation: A term popularized by President Warren G. Harding in the early 1920s, meaning “a style of empty, pompous, political speech.”

Command Center: My condo in Boise.

Djoser: 3rd Dynasty pharaoh. Also the name of my older cat, an orange tabby.

Loki: Norse god. Also my unfortunately deceased tuxedo cat (2001-2012).

Moose Factory Boy™: Myrtle’s creeper, stalker ex. (not his real name)

My daughter: Self-explanatory. Used in early posts before I decided on Beachy.

Myrtle: An on again, off again fling. (not her real name)

π and μ: Symbols used to denote my twin nieces who live in the Portland, Oregon, area.

Pyramid Brothers, The: Collective name for my cats Djoser and Sneferu. aka “Damn Cats.”

Σ: Symbol used to denote my daughter since June 2013.

Sneferu: 4th Dynasty pharaoh. Also the name of my younger cat, a black shorthair.

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