Jun 21

Friday Crap Roundup XIX

It’s the longest day of the year! Well, it is if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere.


Expect 50s in Canberra this weekend. They call it “winter.”
Image credit: Martyman

Anyway, a good many of you get to read the 19th installment of the FCR by daylight.

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Mar 07

No Tanning

So much for a productive week. I still need to take out the recycling, get a haircut and do something about this nasty ER bill. The Pyramid Brothers have been allowed to run amok and I still haven’t made it to the gym. Maybe later today, maybe tomorrow. There’s definitely a sense of procrastination around here, but I also think it goes deeper than that. What the hell is the word I’m looking for?


Stagnation! That’s it! Thanks, Leon.

In my defense the week hasn’t been a total loss. I managed to pay all my bills and file my taxes, although the latter was a terribly disappointing experience this year. I’m getting a whopping $10 back. Woo. I’ve also kept up on my laundry. It may surprise you to know I’m quite adept at laundry. Think Jersey Shore, but in Idaho, with about 100 more IQ points and absolutely no tanning.


I use bluing like a boss, y’all.

Obviously I don’t have anything terribly profound to say today. I suppose what I should do is get off the blog and make a to-do list of all the mundane crap that needs to be done. Spend my tax refund on bleach, yeah ….

I can’t believe I made it this far in the blog without a Dead Milkmen reference.