Sep 03

Taking a Break

I really, really hate to do this.


Image credit: Ken Hawkins

As I’ve alluded to on several occasions, my health has really taken a beating recently. Unfortunately it has deteriorated to the point where I can no longer commit to six high quality posts a week without placing an undue amount of stress on myself. Frankly I’ve been in denial of that for a few days now, and the corresponding drop in quality really shows. Accordingly, this will be the last SB post for a while.

I don’t know how long this hiatus will be. It might only be a few days, it might be a lot longer. I will say this is NOT the end of Superfluous Bloviations. The site isn’t going anywhere. Posts will resume as soon as I feel better.

Please don’t worry about me; I’m going to be OK. Indeed, making sure I’m OK is perhaps the number one reason for this. I appreciate everyone’s support over the last seven months or so. It really means a lot.

See you as soon as I can.